Tuesday, 27 October 2009



Monday, 19 October 2009

Casa do Saulo

at the party

chill out at the htl

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Race is on!!!

Dr Luis Carneiro(neuro surgeon) a member of the Paju team was the first one to arrive at the Municipal Hospital to see the victms of the car crashing. No serious damages is likely to be the outcome. The victims are as injured as the tree the car hit. Only a part of the the bark was removed.

It is almost certain that the five involved in the accidenmt will be ready for the party on the 17th.

No worries dudes!! Race is on!!! actualkly today is the longest stage, more sh.. will hit the fan.

Accidents happen...

...particularly during the Jungle Marathon, which is clearly an acccident machine.
First stage two commas were resolved, from four evacuations....a few hours ago we had a car crashing, photos may think it was bad but the truth is that no serious injure came out of that.

Today 's stage is the longest one and more people may come to bite the dust!

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Danny is done it!!

The Girls just want to have fun...

The dudes just want to have fun!!!

The Regional Hospital in Santarem, is one of the most modern hospital in the country. Unfortunatly, when we evacuated the athlets over to Santarem it was on strike. The good news is that Dr. Antonio and his great team of nurses at the Municipal Hospital was able to help and yesterday one of our mates left the hospital and only one of them is still in the intensive care. This npix was taken yesterday at about 3pm. When he finally could communicate. Shortly after that all tubes had been removed, except for the Oxygen mask. Late in the aftyernoon he wanted to go to the loo alone, of course the nurses did not allowed it.

He may leave the I.C.U. late today. Meanwhile Ryan and Sal lead the race.

Sunday, 4 October 2009

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Ryan Sandes(27 years old) who arrived in Santarem two weeks before the race is the favourite to win Jungle Marathon 2009.
He is from South Africa and has lost none but one competition. It was the Namibia Desert Marathon. The winner was Salvador(about 43 y.old) from Spain, who is also coming to run Jungle Marathon this year.

Good luck dudes!!

He will have to beat Salvador from Spain.