Monday, 13 October 2008

Dr Kyle and Ben together and others jm team during my dear Rob Bennet evacuation.
We were greatly assisted by the doctors in Santarem on arrival after a 3 hour jouney and having faced a quite terrible Amazon windstorm.
Rob and two other of his personal friends who followed the operation will certainly return next year to cross the finish line of the grestest eco adventure in the planet.

Actually we evacuated Jeremy Nelson from Scotland as well. After being assisted by local doctors he felt better and since yesterday's stage was cancelled he had a chance to continue the race in a much slower pace.

I am with Rob at the hospital, since he is ok i shalll return to the playground to play with the others competitors and staff. I hope he stays for the party on the 16th which is unlikely.

I am so happy everything is ok with him, so everyone else!!!

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